It has begun.

All my years of collecting and saving shit has finally come to today (Friday the 13th): sitting in a bar in Williamsburg (drinking something called Druid Fluid) with my friend Megan and somehow getting talked into starting an insanely tedious project to scan all the cool (well, some of them are cool) ticket stubs, stickers, photos and who knows what else, so that I can post it all online.

Fast forward a couple of hours: I dug out some photo albums, went through my file cabinet, and even went hunting in some closets so that I can gather from all those random places my proverbial pot(s) of gold: every ticket stub, VIP pass and laminate saved from concerts I attended starting in 1989 (when my Aunt Leah took me to see Jackson Browne in Florida for my 14th birthday).

I can't promise when you'll see these gems, but I can promise that you'll see them. Just as soon as I start scanning and whatnot.

Until then, dif-tor heh smusma.


Andrew said...

Wow - I was at a lot of those shows! Nice one, Abby!
-Andy Action

Leah said...

Hi Abby - great blog - happy to have taken you to your first!
Aunt Leah