How could I forget about (A).P.P.L.(E).?

I started things off with the False Prophets gig in '88, but I need to talk about the (A).P.P.L.(E). gig in '87.

I was 12 in '87 and just starting to get all politically active, thanks to my commie parents (and grandparents). I organized an anti-racist rally at my junior high school only to have the principal cancel it over the loudspeaker. I think a bunch of us walked out anyway, handing out fliers about the KKK in the hallways as we did.

This same year there was a "Biko Lives!" festival at a park in the South Bronx that I attended with my parents. There's some video footage of me spray painting a banner at this thing, if you can find it (on some old VHS tape called "They Say They Will"). There's also footage of the punk band (A).P.P.L.(E). playing, doing a cover of Dylan's "Blowing in the Wind." I remember really liking the singer's bleach blonde hair, but thinking the bass player's American flag skirt was weird. Here's a pic of them from that show from (A).P.P.L.(E).'s MySpace page:

This was probably my very first exposure to a live punk performance. At the time I heavily preferred hip hop, and got to see KRS-One play at this same gig, but in just a few years I would come to feel very lucky that I got to see this show at such a young age because eventually my punk taste buds would mature and I'd buy (A).P.P.L.(E).'s "Neither Victims Nor Executioners" EP (that I still own).

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IsaChandra said...

Wow, Biko. Where are the Bestie Boys years already?